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Photo of the Scarlett range


If you’re choosing from the many different USB audio interfaces, Scarlett offers great speed, high-quality preamps, superb conversion, excellent low-latency performance and sample rates up to 192kHz, plus it’s easy to use. Scarlett USB audio interfaces come with I/O counts up to 18-in, 20-out. All these factors make pros and home-studio owners use Scarlett models.

Our Easiest Way To Start Recording

scarlett solo

The Best Selling USB Audio Interface In The World

Scarlett 2i2 Hero

Our Most Versatile USB-Powered Audio Interface

Scarlett 2i4 hero

Create And Collaborate

Scarlett 6i6 hero

Be Ready For Anything

Scarlett 18i8 Hero

The Interface Your Studio Deserves

Scarlett 18i20 Hero

A Recording Studio In A Box

Scarlett Solo Studio Hero Image

Your Complete Home Recording Studio

Scarlett 2i2 Studio Hero
Photo of the Clarett USB range


Decades of analogue circuit design experience, applied around 24-bit/192kHz A-D and D-A conversion, delivers a superior signal path. In addition, the Air-enabled mic preamps can reproduce the input impedance, clarity and frequency response curve of our original ISA mic preamp.

10-in, 4-out Audio Interface For PC And Mac®

Clarett 2Pre USB Hero

18-in, 8-out Audio Interface For PC And Mac®

Clarett 4 Pre USB Hero

18-in, 20-out Audio Interface For PC And Mac

Clarett 8Pre USB hero


Use the interface comparison chart to find the right interface for you.